Saturday, August 17, 2013

Silly String = A Joyful Noise

As our summer is coming to a close, we have come to the realization 
That a few items on our bucket list have yet to be accomplished.  
The silly string fight, on our list, was still left undone.
 So on Friday, when Darren got home, 
We made sure to accomplish this "bucket list" item.
 This is an all time favorite in our home, during our birthday parties, 
AND just for no good reason.
Our home is always in need of some good laughter AND 
As "they" say, "Laughter is the best medicine!"
 I enjoyed everyone running around like crazies, spraying each other with "string".
The facial expressions were priceless. 
 Not to mention the places that the silly string attacked!
Run, Forest, RUN!

 It was a definite MESS!
But the mess was brought across the street.
 You can tell, the rule, "NO SPRAYING IN THE FACE" wasn't followed.
 LOVE this action shot.
 I think the entire neighborhood could hear Darren's laughter.
Silly String Fight: $8.00
Laughter & Memories: PRICELESS