Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kicking OFF The Season....Jamboree 2013

This morning, our family woke up extra early to "kick off" the football season at the Hidden Valley Middle School!  The Highlanders played the Vinton Terriers.
Tyson's fan club got all decked out in Glenvar gear to support Daddy, Tyson, and the teammates.
I think, from this picture, Tyson was pretty psyched about all the attention he was getting.
Before the game, the Harris family hopped in our van, joining us. The kids enjoyed Dunkin Donuts and Chocolate milk together.
 This girl had a hold on her donut and chocolate milk.
She's like her momma... ain't no one gonna touch her food.
 Presley may just be "that girl" who plays football.
 Oh yea... we interrupt this playdate to bring you back to the football game!
 I was video recording the game, so the pictures of the game are scarce.
 These two... attached to the hip and enjoying some iphone games.
The Harris kids and the color WHITE do NOT go hand in hand!
Check out those white black jeans!!!
 Chris pauses for a water break!
Sharing a diet coke! 
 Instant replay!
 Apple Obsessed!
 Game OVER!  
Highlanders killed it!  5 to 0
Whoop, Whoop!!!!
Donut time!!!
Enjoy some highlights from today's game.  Gabe Shaffer #43 and Jackson Swanson #52 made amazing touch downs!  Don't mind my shaky videography.