Monday, August 12, 2013

Pool Fun with the Pierce, Reed, and Shelor Family!

Today, the Pierce, Reed, and Shelor family gathered at our neighborhood pool. It was especially FUN for Ty because normally he's forced to attend playdates for the twins.  He was so thrilled to have so many of HIS friends present that he didn't even ask for lunch until 1:30 pm.  

"I am
 A companion
 Who Fear You
 Of those
 Who KEEP your precepts!"
Psalm 119:63

Lilah really enjoyed having an "older" friend to play with.  She said, "Caroline is my best friend mom!"  LOL!  Since these children are older, I actually got to lay out in the sun for 3 straight hours and chat with the ladies, almost entirely uninterrupted. It was like the good ol'days when our boys first started hanging out together.  This playdate was long overdue and good for us ALL.