Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Visit To Our Alma Mater -Virginia Tech

Every few months, Darren and I get the urge to travel up to Virginia Tech.  We enjoy a change in scenery.  We love introducing our kids to our Alma Mater. Hopefully, this will be their "home away from home" one day!
We took the kids to lunch at Five Guys.  Then, we drove to V.T.'s campus and allowed the kids to ride their bikes all over it!  
We stopped off at the bookstore to buy some apparel and they were giving out free ice cream and popsicles.
It was a hot day and this really hit the spot for the kids.
After cooling off, they were ready for a looooong bike ride
Burrus Hall.
The campus won't be empty for long, but on this day, the kids had the entire drill field to themselves.
 Ty was always leading and my twinsies would trail behind, trying to keep up.
 My little diva brought her doll along for the ride.

 The kids rode their bikes all the way to the duck pond... impressive.
Cutie pie. 
 This photo cracks me up... she was trying to mother these ducks.
 LOVE THIS SHOT!  It totally shows their personalities to a "T"
 The heat and exhaustion was getting to Jax, 
So he walked his bike on part of the way back.
After riding bikes, we treated the kids to a cold drink and a sweet treat at 7-11. 
Then we headed over to Old Navy and the GAP Outlet.  
We finished off the night at Chipolte!!! YUM!
It was a gorgeous day!  The kids were so enthusiastic to be outdoors.
Great weather. Exercise. Good Eats. Shopping. Laughter. & LOVE.
Who can ask for anything more?