Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's What The Doctor Ordered!

Tyson had his 8 year check up, yesterday, with Dr. Delaney.  He hasn't had a check up since he's been 5 years old.  CRAZY!  
Preparing for a finger prick!
We learned that Tyson is...

66.5 lbs
51" tall 
75% percentile for height and weight

Dr. Delaney asked Tyson a series of questions.  The questions were directed towards him.  It's a bit of a change when you have been used to making eye contact with the doctor/answering questions for the last 7 years and all of the sudden the doctor is having his patient answer the questions.  LOL! But we LOVE Dr. Delaney and know he is just probably trying to make Tyson feel comfortable during his check up.

One of the questions he asked Tyson was, 

Dr. Delaney: "Ty, do you ride a bike?"
Tyson: "YES!"
Dr. Delaney: "Ty, do you wear a helmet?"
Tyson: "NO!"

I explained to Dr. Delaney why a helmet is not worn.  "Daddy thinks it looks dumb!"  And Dr. Delaney's response was, "Well it doesn't look nearly as dumb as a staples in your head or brain surgery/damage?"

I asked Dr. Delaney if he would write a prescription/order for a bike helmet AND HE DID!
Darren found this quite comical and gave Dr. Delaney "props" for doing so.  Here are some facts about helmet safety.  I really hope our family reconsiders and obeys "what the Dr. ordered!"  Or to be pressured into making your child use a helmet, view the video below.  It's a news coverage about an 8 year old boy who died from a bicycle accident.

Bike accident kills child