Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Brady Bunch Sleepover.

Tonight, Lilah had her first sleepover, at our home.  Tyson had two friends sleepover.  And Jax... well... he only has one pliable candidate and he was unavailable, due to prior obligations tomorrow, so Jax just tagged along! Pitiful Jax
 The night started out with PIZZA!!!!
Then water slide fun!
Bath time fun!  Don't worry.  Each child had their swim suites on! I did have them purposefully pose for this photo to appear as if they DID NOT have their swim suites on though.  We were playing a trick on Ansley's mommy and daddy!
 Pajama/FIREWORKS time!!
Darren put on the "show" and the boys were dancing and laughing up a storm. This photo shows their dance moves. They were dancing to the "beat" of the sparks!
Why does my house run MORE smoothly with 6 kids than with 3.  STRANGE! Everyone is fast asleep.  I wonder what time they are going to wake up though? I guess that should be my clue to get to bed.