Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"Back-To-School" Pre-K Style!!!

Lilah and Jaxon had their "back-to-school" night last night at Bethel Baptist Pre-school.  This will be their last year at preschool.  Next year, they will be kindergarteners.  It's so crazy!!!!  Before we left the house, I took a few pictures of them - - they were fairly cooperative.
I have been waiting 5 full years for this day because I knew it would be the best experience, to date, at Bethel.  Ms. Donna is going to be their school teacher.  First off, I have known Donna since before Tyson was born.  We were next door neighbors for well over 7 years.  Her son, Josh, and Tyson have been best friends since they could speak. The twins are so excited to be in her "fun frogs" classroom. Ms. Donna puts an INSANE amount of planning time into her lesson plans and she LOVES her students like they are her very own. The other exciting news is that Julia will be in their class this year. I am praying that they still remain well behaved, even with knowing a classmate very personally.  Ms. Cheryl will be Ms. Donna's assistant.  
 Ms. Donna made her students goody bags.  I thought that was so sweet.
 She also enclosed a special note, welcoming them into her class.
Lilah got right into that goody bag when we got home and began "working" on practicing writing her name.
Although Lilah and Jax will be greatly missed throughout the day, I will NOT DENY that I have a TON OF AWESOME AND NEEDED projects that I will be working on, during their absence. Some of the projects are just daily responsibilities and others are projects that I have been dying to do, but I just can't correctly do them with these little rugrats running around. I know Darren, my parenting, and our home will benefit greatly from this short, 4-hour "break" and the twins are going to learn a TON and grow immensely as well.  I will never have a spare day to just sit around.  Every single minute of every single day will be methodically planned out and filled with TASKS "to do".  My future goal is to get certified as an aerobics instructor and get paid to workout, come next year.  Be sure to ask me about it so I can be sure to follow through with it :)

The twins start school NEXT Wednesday, September 3rd.