Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An "Apple" For The Teacher's First Day Of School

I like to start the year off the "write" way... by BROWN nosing.  LOL!  Just teasing.  I am always looking for an excuse to get creative and to give someone a gift.  Each year, I shower my children's teachers with special little gifts, allowing them to know how important I think their job is. After all, I WOULD NEVER desire to have their job... for my kids or  anyone else's.  Hehe.  
Target Gift Card
Card Stock
The finished look.
I gave one to my BFF, Ashely, because she started homeschooling Monday.  She is an incredibly patient and willing mommy, to teach her children, and I wanted to bless her with a little something.  Although I am not a homeschooling "fan", FOR ME, I am so excited for HER because this is right up her alley.  She is going to be an amazing teacher to her children.
I had some left over printables, from last year, for the pink and purple bottles.  I didn't like the way the "teacher emergency kit" labels looked on the above bottles.  It's all about the presentation. :)
The pink and purple notebooks are for Lilah and Jaxon's teachers for next Wednesday, so "shhhhhh", don't tell them!!!!
Inside the bottle:
Chrystal Light Packet
"Smart Cookie" Hand Sanitizer
Enclosed is a printable that I have asked each teacher to fill out, so I can learn about "a few of their favorite things".  This way I can be sure to bless them with things they love.