Saturday, July 27, 2013

Pinterest Inspired!

LOVE pinterest!  Who doesn't?  You can get ideas for anything and everything off of there. You can also learn a lot about someone by seeing exactly what they consistently pin.  One of my favorite things to pin are those hilarious e-cards or wisdom-filled scripture quotes, but good recipes and decorating ideas, I believe, are my top pins.  I just recently started pinning just a FEW outfits that I love.  I typically am the one who buys the outfit right off of the mannequin.  I love the way stylists put things together and I just don't have an eye like that.  So... when I saw this pin I thought, this is SUPER CUTE.  I gotta have it.  I went shopping a few days before my trip with "D".  I was unable to find anything on my own, so out of desperation, I logged on to pinterest on my iphone and recalled my new "style me" board that I created.  I was gently reminded of that outfit.  I search almost a full 1.5 hours to find it or something close enough.  I think I actually like my find a tad better.  :)
I don't recommend shopping this way all the time.  You would think, "This is going to be a cinch.  I know what I want, now I just have to go find it!" But it doesn't really work out that perfectly.  LOL!  AND once I have my mind set on something, there's no turning back.  I was getting so desperate, I was trying on children's clothing at GAP kids.