Friday, July 26, 2013

Gone But Not Forgotten....

"Gone but not forgotten,
Although they are apart.
The memories remain within them,
Forever in their heart!"
My brother and sister-in-law said goodbye to a their father-in-law/father last Thursday. In lieu of flowers, I bought her, her twin sister, and their mother these sweet necklaces. These gifts are something to consider purchasing, should you sadly have to attend a funeral of your own. 

Saying goodbye is never easy to do, but George loved the Lord and placed his faith and trust in Him, so he is now resting peacefully in His arms.  Lucky Him! Nothing will ever take the place of George's presence, but I thought these necklaces, as they hang close to their hearts,  would help them in some way feel him close by.
These can be purchased on line through an etsy shop called HandsAndFeetJewelry.