Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Storm's" Baseball Banquet - 2013

Baseball season FLEW by and before we know it, football season will be arriving... August to be exact.  "Storm's" season has finally ended.  The team did really well. It's possible we were undefeated, but since this age group doesn't keep score, I tend to forget about losers and winners.  However, I am sure Darren, Nick, Scott, Tyson, or Gabe will surely be able to give you the run down.  

The baseball banquet was extremely informal this year.  We had it underneath the awning, after Storm's last baseball game.  Darren treated each of his players to a beautiful trophy and delicious cupcakes to close out the season!  The players purchased the coaches a special plaque, in the shape of a baseball base, with the team photo in the middle.  I will share a photo of this, along with the other photos we purchased, as well as Ty's trophy SOON!  For now... enjoy the pictures of the less than informal banquet.

You can't beat 30 cupcakes for $14.00 at Sam's Club AND they are custom made.  I just ordered red and black icing with baseballs on it.  Team Storm's colors.
 Gretchen was instructing the team to give their "autographs" on the back of the coaches gifts.
 "Coach Bolling" begins his speech!  At a loss for words already?
 My Jaxey... he's always in the middle with the big boys!
 Jax hands "Gabey" his team photos and Trophy!
 Coach Nick speaks to all about Tyson!

Um, it appears as if Nick is boring my husband!  LOL!
 Gabe enjoys a cupcake with black icing!!!
 Coach Bolling!  He's such a hottie!  LOL!  Gotta a love a man in uniform.
If there is one thing that I do NOT enjoy about baseball season, it's DIRTY twins!  They find the most intense way to go from fab to drab in 2.5 seconds!  The orange clay sure doesn't help!  Gretchen and Stephanie pick on me for always dressing them up so cute and love to remind me how the in FIRST season of baseball I would bathe them before arriving to the games.  Yea, yea... those days are