Tuesday, June 4, 2013


We officially fit the MOLD of the definition for a REDNECK!  First, Nascar.  Then, "Bow" hunting.  Then WWE Wrestling.  AND NOW.... A PICK UP TRUCK!!! BUT NOT just a any old pick up truck.  We have the kind with KIDS in the back.  LOL! The only thing we have yet to do is go fishing,  poop in our backyard, walk barefoot, and listen to country music.  I can promise you ONE thing... listening to COUNTRY music will be where WE draw the line.

Have NO FEAR!  This is NOT our vehicle.  We are borrowing it from Darren's dad until Darren selects a new vehicle!  
 When the kids are cute... I'm not sure redneck is truly possible. 
Is that man, in the front seat, WITHOUT a SHIRT?!?!?! 
They had just gotten back from the pool!
So yes, all passengers, but Lilah were without a shirt.
Sadly, this was the highlight of my children's day!  

OH WAIT.... Stop the PRESS!  I totally forgot about this REDNECK event.  Tyson is OBSESSED with hanging out in the "holler", playing with other rednecks, AND their chickens!  He is begging us to get a chicken coup and chickens.  Won't be happening!  I doubt our homeowner's association would ever agree to it.  Ashely, you can borrow him ANY time! I'm sure he'd LOVE to clean your coup and chase your chickens.  "The grass is always greener on the other side"... apparently.  Hehe.