Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jax Learns To SWIM!!!!

He's no longer a "fish out of water" or a fish with swimmies.  Jax accomplished learning how to swim, by simply practicing and due to an insane amount of swimming on our 8 day beach vacation!

This was the highlight of the vacation FOR me and I'm sure for Jax as well.

ODDLY, Lilah cannot swim above water YET, but is braving swimming UNDER the water.  I'm not sure which task is harder?!?!?!?! She swam the entire lazy river under the water (obviously with coming up for air), but I didn't have my video camera on me to capture it.  It was really interesting to watch because she was literally teaching herself.  It looked like those videos, you can view on youtube, of newborns being thrown into the water, forcing them to swim on their own.