Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A "Reel" Good Time At The Apache Pier

Tonight, after dinner and a second visit to Broadway At The Beach, we went to the Apache Pier, near our condo.  We went around 9 pm and shockingly the pier was crowded.  The crowd may have been from the live band.  It also was a tad nerve racking to be that high up, above the ocean, in the dark, but it was still fun.
This was honestly a side of Tyson I haven't seen YET, to date.  He was beyond protective and truly in tears at the thought of either one of his siblings falling off of the pier. He insisted on holding their hands. 
We saw (1) fish and (3) baby sharks caught by multiple fisherman.
Beach life/lights from the pier!
My little fisherman!  Haha.  NOT!!! We have no clue how to fish.
We're "HOOKED" on each other. :o)
My family "catch" of the day! 
After the pier, we let the kids sit in the lifeguard's seat.
YUP!  This pretty much explains their personalities to a "T".
The moon!!!
It fit in the palm of Darren's hand.Gives new meaning to, 
"He's got the whole moon world in this hand!'

More beach photography trickery.  Darren stood on the lifeguard stand and I (the photographer) stood far enough to where I could capture Darren "holding" the moon in his hand.  This is not photoshopped.  The only problem is... I could NOT figure out how to get Darren to NOT be blurry.  I tried ALL of the photography techniques I know (different settings, ISO, distance between he and I, etc.)