Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Bucket FULL Of Memories!!!!!!!!

Our family left for Myrtle Beach on Friday.  We arrived at 11:30 pm.  The kids are wonderful travelers.  They adjust quite well to NOT being on schedule.  We never stop our vacation to nap or to get to bed "on time".  We save those regimented days for our Roanoke home life!  Vacation doesn't happen often, so we do our best to live it up: pig out, stay up late, sleep in, and goof off.  Here are some of the photos we have taken so far...
 "A Splishin' & A Splashin' "
 Fun In The Sun
 Soakin' Up The Sun
 Fish Out Of Water
"Poolin'" Around
  "Poolish" Pleasures
 Bolling Kids
 Silly Faces
 Serious Faces
 Life is good!
 Bolling Maphia
 Brotherly Love
 Daddy's little girl!
 Love her when she's agreeable :)
 Sip Back and Relax
 Staying Cool
 My "Handsome Bunny"
 My 3 Men!
 Bolling Kids
 Ty wins a fake knife.
 Lilah tries to swallow it.

We went "crabbin" in Myrtle Beach!
 Beach Babe!
 "Dont' Be Crabby -We're At The Beach"
We caught 10 of these crabby critters.
 Beach Babe!!
 Surfer Girl!
 Surfer BOYS!
 Sun, Sand, & Surf.
 Shore THINGS!
Life SHORE is fun! 
 Happy As A Clam!
 Seaside Serenity.
 Catch a wave and you'll be sittin' on top of the world!
 Beach Princess needs her rest.
 SAND-tastic.  Check out the sand in her hair and all over her face.
 Sink or SWIM
Or be buried alive.
Ty took advantage of beach napping siblings and quickly began burying them.
 As hard as motherhood is, who can ask for anything cuter than these three?

I know there were a ton of photos.  SORRY!!!! I promise I took a TON more.  These were just my favorites.  We are having a blast and making a TON of new memories at our 2nd home.