Sunday, April 28, 2013


Last night, our family joined the Harris and Maggi family for a night, of FUN, at the Motor Mile Speedway.  NO, we are NOT turning into a VIRGINIA rednecks.  We just wanted to support our friend Zach who races. I thought experiencing this is a MUST to remain friends with Ashely :)  BIG D sponsored Zach this year and we feel a little more invested in his winnings, hehe.  Once we got there, we truly were excited to be there.  Sadly, we sat in the drizzling rain for two hours and the races NEVER got started.  They were actually cancelled because the track was too wet.  We hope to go back SOON though.  Either way, it was a pure joy being with our family in Christ. Here are a few photos I took while we sat in the rain.
 We followed #64's wife, my BFF, to the Motor Mile Speedway.
 I'm not sure I really fit in there.  LOL! Ashely said, "You are getting the stares."
 #64 comes to greet us.  GO ZACH!!!
 Lilah does what she enjoys BEST.... playing "Mom".  
 Caleb went along with it.
 Zach won his first-ever POLE!  Way to GO!!!
 The boys sporting their headphones noise blockers.
 Daddy and Lilah walk BACK to the WET park.  Check out her pants.
I had to capture this.  Cohen LOVES chicken tenders and honey mustard.
This is what he ate while waiting on his daddy to race.  LOL!!!!