Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The "Skinny" On Diet Coke

"Hi my name is Kristin and I'm a DIET-COKE-AHOLIC".  I've been clean and sober for 14 days now.  It's almost time to receive my 30 day chip."

This is no JOKE!  I will admit, I looked forward to drinking my daily diet cokeS.  I capitalized the "S" because it definitely was multiple diet cokes a day (approximately 12-32 ounces).  I decided to try a little experiment.  I did my own research on diet coke, thanks google, and compared it with my brother's research/thoughts (keep in mind, for me, he is the holy bible for nutrition).  It wasn't the findings or lack there of about the correlation between diet coke drinkers and cancer that scared me, but rather it was the reality that diet coke causes weight gain.  Here are a few weight gain "facts" that I found...

1.  The main reason people switch to diet drinks is to cut back on calories in order to lose weight.  

2.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to work.
3.  In a study of 3.682 individuals from San Antonio, Texas, consumption of diet soda was associated with double the risk of becoming overweight or obese.

See that cute photo above?  Prior to giving up diet coke, I would have said, "Oh, this is an advertisement for people to move from regular coke to diet coke."  BUT NOW, I look at the ad and think, "This is an anti-diet coke activist, expressing the fact that diet coke is a wolf in sheep's clothing."  Drinking diet coke releases the same amount of insulin into your body as a regular coke does, therefore triggering cravings for other sweets and causing you to gain weight.  OH NO!!!!!!!  Is that why my hard work at the gym and insane will power was NOT paying off?  

If you are a diet coke drinker, just watch this short video for a moment...

Was I seriously drinking something that contained the same ingredients as a 4th of July firework?  Uh!!!!!  These diet coke facts below don't help the diet coke industry either.

It's truly hard to say if I will remain "sober" for the rest of my life.  I do have a friend who gave up soft drinks 9 years ago and hasn't looked back since, but he does still drinks sweet tea from time to time.  Personally, my brain cannot allow me to ingest drinks made with sugar, plus I truly do not like the taste... too sweet.

Aside from my friend being a motivating force, I have noticed between the disposal of diet drinks and cutting out ALL sugar, both artificial, real, and fresh (fruits), I have definitely noticed some awesome body transformations (7lbs loss and better muscle definition). It will be tough to give in to a diet coke or a banana at this point.  My pride is holding me back. However, there are so many wonderful foods that taste so much better with a carbonated soft drink. So... if you see me out and I have a diet coke in hand, then know I relapsed. HOPEFULLY, the longer I go without it, the less and less I will desire it. Depending on the day though, I have a HUGE appreciation for recovered alcoholics and totally get what they mean when they say "I'm taking ONE day at a time!" Everyday is a new day for me.  I give myself pep talks.  I swear. So if you see me talking to myself, it's probably about this topic.  

Regardless of the above information I shared, YOU have the lucky choice to make your own decisions.  Please DO NOT let me influence you ONE way or the OTHER.  If you enjoy diet coke then by ALL MEANS, "Keep Calm AND Drink Diet Coke".

Actually, drink ONE for you and ONE for me :)

I'm serious... pray for me though.  I have been praying for myself in this.  It's sort of like a fasting, only I hope a permanent one... MAYBE, MAYBE NOT.  Again, one day at a time.  

Need some ideas regarding cutting out sugar?

Processed Sugar: I have eliminated pasta, bread, crackers, chips, peanut butters with sugar, milks/creamers, sweets of all kinds, and gum (sugar filled or sugar-free).

Fresh Sugar: I have eliminated fresh fruits of all kind.

Artificial Sugar: No SPLENDA, Stevia, SWEET-N-LOW aka aspartame, which includes any diet drink, and any drink with flavoring, I now drink my coffee black, AND no yogurt etc.

What can I eat?  Meat, Chicken, Eggs, Natural Peanut Butter, Cheese, Almonds, Nuts, Tuna, Rice, Veggies, Baked Potato, Heavy Whipping Cream etc....