Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Cat In The Hat "ROLL UPS" - More Party Favors

Love, love, love to send children home with an abundance of goodies from our birthday boy and girl.  I just love blessing others.  I've decided to make several posts on the goodies that were sent home. I've already noted the personalized water bottles, "Clark" the fish, and the next party favor is Cat in the Hat "ROLL UPS". 
Crayon "Roll Ups" - I purchased several of these for prizes.

 Very colorful and fun!!!  
Great for car ride coloring or restaurant fun!
Every little boy received a match box car "roll up".
 Jax takes his to every restaurant we enter.

I like to give unique/different/memorable party favors.  Every time our party guest pulls their roll up out, I am sure they will reminisce on our sweet duos party!