Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"I'm Clark!" - Another Dr. Seuss Party Favor

If anyone has read "The Cat in the Hat" book, by Dr. Seuss, you should be all too familiar with the responsible fish named "Clark"!  His famous lines, goes a little something like this,

"He should not be here.  
 He should not be about.  
 He should not be here when your mother is out!" 
(referring to the Cat in the Hat, who so rudely barges into Sally and Conrad's home).  
We named our two fish Sally and Conrad!
I couldn't let this character, from the book, go unnoticed, so I decided to send each child home with a beautiful little gold fish, contained in a glass bowl filled with glass beads, and a container of fish food.
I thought this sign framed printable (I just made it myself off of word) was a cute addition to display.  Unfortunately, the party room was so busy, I am not sure anyone was even able to spot it and read it to their child(ren).  
1. Goldfish - .13 cents
2. Fish bowl - $1.00
3. Ribbon - $2.99 per roll
4. Wooden Skewers - $2.99 per pack of 50
5. Fish food - $6.99 for a large container, 
(Divided up made enough for 10+ families)
6. Empty Jewelry/Bead Jars - $12.99 per pack of 20
Parents faces when they hear of a NEW responsibility.... PRICELESS.


  1. Hi there! How did you make that sign? I can't seem to get that frame in word... would you mind sharing it? Thanks!

  2. Hi, yes please share :) Also where did you get that small cat in the hat for the bowl

  3. So cool! I'd love to this for my sons party! Where did you get the cat in the hat for the bowl?

  4. Can you send the printable to my email kykamommy14@yahoo.com please

  5. How can I make that favor sign? Can you send me the printable to my email? kristen.garcia1@hotmail.com

  6. how can I get that figurine for fish bowl? shalei78244@yahoo.com

  7. What an amazing idea!! Can you please please please email me the sign? It's will be perfect for my son's bday. Steph_cheung@hotmail.com

  8. is it possible to get the sign emailed to me ? I love love this idea britt907t@gmail.com

  9. is it possible to get the sign emailed to me ? I love love this idea britt907t@gmail.com

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  11. Can you please share with me where you bought the figurine that's inside the fish bowl? Also if its possible can you email me the sign mhernandez3887@gmail.com Thanks in advance

  12. Pet smart no longer carries the figurine 😢. Stealing this idea for my grandson's bday this weekend 😂


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