Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Eve!!

On New Year's Eve, Darren and I were blessed with an over night date.  Our in laws agreed to care for our 3 children, over night, while Darren and I went out on the town with 4/6 couples in our small group.  It was a big deal for us.  Living in Roanoke, the well known Frankie Rowland's goes down as the nicest restaurant around town, but it's also expensive, so we've never desired to go.  Not to be graphic, but I'm not a fan of spending money on something that will just eventually be put into the toilet bowl.  LOL!  A few of the couples who had been there before INSISTED and Darren agreed.  It was wonderful to act childless for a night.  I think we all needed it.  Laugher, memories, good eating, and sleeping in always does a body good!  
The food really was amazing, but more than likely, we will never go there again because our bill was truly INSANE!
The kids also HAD A BLAST with Grandad and Grandnee. They went to Chuck E. Cheese AND to the movies all in one night.  Grandad and Grandness filled them with candy galore, didn't make them brush their teeth, and even allowed them to sleep in the clothes that they wore to Chuck E. Cheese. Ahhhhhhh!! I guess one night of NO RULES won't hurt. Grandparents are supposed to spoil you, right?  And speaking of spoiled, Grandnee painted Lilah's nails/feet and Grandad let Ty stay up until MIDNIGHT to see the ball drop.  Now that I know grandad and grandnee are fully capable and willing to take on this task, I will NOT wait another 4 years to ask them to do it.  HE HE!!!!  Love you guys for your help!!!  You were so kind to the kids. 
We were without the kids from 2:30 pm Monday through 12:00 pm Tuesday.  The kids were ready to go at 9:00 am, but we said "NO!"
Off they went to grandad and grandnee's home.