Monday, January 7, 2013

Killing Two Birds With ONE Stone!!!

Over the weekend, we had the pleasure of "killing two birds with ONE stone".  We were able to travel to Richmond and reside with my brother's family for the weekend in addition to seeing my mother, who actually lives in Florida.  
Upon arriving, the kids were greeted with gifts form Gram. Now that's the way to start any gathering.  LOL!  (Above): Gram is playing play-doh with the kids.

The weekend was filled with loads of good eats.  Friday, we ate in (hamburgers and hotdogs).  Then we left to enjoy a scoop of ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery.  YUM!!!!!  
The next day, my brother, the chef, cooked us bacon, eggs, and blueberries.  NO BREAD... he's a hardcore gluten free/grass fed eater.  Lunch consisted of Chipolte.  (Above): Even the dog is fed grass grazed and gluten free. NO LIE. NO DOG FOOD.  Check out what his breakfast consisted of.

The kids had a blast all day Saturday.  Gram took them to the park, while Darren, Amanda, and I shopped at Five Below and Old Navy.  Amanda hired a baby sitter and the grown-ups enjoyed MORE good eats at the Cheesecake Factory.  Now, that's the way to end your BAD EATING HABITS.  Haha.  

The laughter and excitement never ended for the kids.  It's amazing how after just two visits in one month, Tyson and Will are attached to the hip.  Immediately after getting in our car to head back to Roanoke, Tyson exclaimed, "I wish Will could come with us!"  

We plan to visit them again and go to Busch Gardens together. Dave and Amanda, if Will needs a Tyson fix before then, feel free to come see us!!!  I can always use a Short Pump fix. LOL!  Thanks for your hospitality.  We had a lovely time.

To view all of the photos from the weekend, double click on the photo album below.

[I had a photo album inserted HERE, but skeevy perverts from the internet where viewing my blog and enjoy "boys in their undies".  This is a SICK WORLD we live in.  If you are family or close friends and desire to see the photo album that was attached above... please shoot me an email.  I WILL SEND the photo album to you personally.]