Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thanksgiving Gifts for my "Sensational 8"

I love showering my girls with a little gift each time a holiday arrives.  I presented these ornaments to my "sensational 6" for Thanksgiving.  I figured, these ornaments, were a great way to get them in the Christmas spirit.  I have the tendency to buy each friend the same exact gift, so there is never any question of favoritism :) (Shannon), but these gifts were so precious, I couldn't decide on which ONE to buy.  Instead, I bought the best 5 (in my opinion).  I wrapped them up and randomly chose a packaged ornament for each girl.  I had no idea which ornament each friend ended up with.  
 I love having friends with the same goals, faith, and mindset.
 Isaiah 9:6
 "Keep CHRIST in CHRIST-mas!"
I love to say, "It's not the presents, but HIS presence.

I love you GIRLS!!!!!
Thank you for your friendship, accountability, and encouragement to stay faithful to God's word.  Thank you for always being so willing to serve me.  Thank you for loving me and being there for me.  I would have NEVER imagined have 5 best friends.  I am BLESSED to have you all!!!!  You are the greatest gift I could ask for in a girlfriend.  You are not just my friends, but my sisters.