Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gingerbread House Tradition_2012

Every year, the kids and I, enjoy decorating gingerbread houses.  I usually buy ONE pre-assembled gingerbread house and allow the kids to decorate it, but this year, I knew that wouldn't be a wise choice.  Each of my kids work at a different pace and has different artistic abilities/visions.  I stumbled across a kit that contained (4) mini gingerbread houses.  I snagged it immediately.  I figured, one per kid, this includes Darren.  
The ONLY downfall was that I had to assemble the houses.  I don't recommend these types.  The kids don't have the patience to wait for their homes to adhere to the frosting.  I don't have the skill to adhere the frosting properly, keeping them assembled.  
Either way, the kids did have a wonderful time.  We used some of the candies in the box to decorate the houses, but we also raided the Halloween candy bucket for MORE!!!!  The kids begged me to let them eat them, but I refused.  I am enjoying using them as my dining room table's centerpiece.
Licking his fingers.... 
Jax works intently, piece by piece.
Lilah works with joy!  Love her.
The first time I ever did this with Tyson, I controlled every single placement of candy.  LOL! But I have since improved my need for things to look perfect by allowing the kids to decorate their homes which ever way they please.