Sunday, November 4, 2012

Julia's Strawberry Shortcake 4th Birthday Party!

We have been partying hard for weeks now.  First Ansley's birthday, then Julia's birthday.  AND I still have ONE other birthday party to post.  Our special friend Julia loves Strawberry Shortcake, so her party was all about her! Strawberry EVERYTHING.  Erin was incredibly smart and had started planning her party LAST February, taking advantage of HEART shaped items.  You can turn ANY heart shaped item into a strawberry by just added a stem.  SO CLEVER!  This party had a ton of artistic ability and time put into it.  Erin, Julia's mommy, is very artistic.  I think, after this party, I've decided I am hiring her to paint some of the items I will need for my kids' next parties :)  

Oh AND these last two parties were for GIRLS only.  This was a special way for Lilah and I to spend some girly time together while the boys got to hang out in the "man cave".

Julia, we love you!  You are such a gentle spirited, loving child. We were so thankful to be a part of your special day!!!  We also pray for God's blessing on you throughout this next year. May His light shine among you!!!  

Enjoy the BERRY cute photos!!!