Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Treats

On Halloween night, we attended our Church's Annual Reformation Celebration.  The celebration of Reformation is the story of how the Protestant religion came about.  We celebrate the time when Martin Luther reformed our faith to be based on God's word instead of tradition.  Our Church, keeps the focus of the gospel as FIRST priority by performing a skit which ALWAYS incorporates the gospel in some way, but then they also provide the kids with an evening filled with fun games, hay rides, candy, and several different contests with the ability to win prizes.  Everyone brings food and uses this time to mingle for an extended period of time.  It's a tad hectic because our church is infested with kids, LOL, but it wouldn't be the same if they stopped doing it.  

Lately, at Church functions, I have stopped cooking for the grown-up an geared my contributions towards the kids. Reformation nights are filled with CHILI (we have a chili competition) and SALSA. I'm sure some children enjoy those yummy foods, but if everyone else's kids are ANYTHING like mine, MOST do not.  

I figured out what I wanted to make and my stepmom, Carlene, helped me make all three items.  

First up, a Pumpkin Face Carrot Platter
 I purchased (1) LARGE bag of carrots from Sam's Club.  
(2) cucumbers.
A small bushel of broccoli.  
Homemade ranch dressing in triangular shaped containers.
Only a handful of carrots remained.

Then, Pumpkin Shaped Cheese Sandwiches, 
           With Jack-O-Latern Faces
I have a pumpkin cookie cutter.  
I cut BOTH the bread and the cheese with the cutter.
Using edible markers, I colored in the stem.
Carlene drew the faces.

Finally, Apple Grins!
 The original recipe called for apples, 
Peanut butter, and mini marshmallows.
Due to my sister's peanut allergy, 
I chose to use caramel sauce.
Another idea could be to use a chocolate spread.  
Carlene made these for me, while I made the carrot platter.