Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween 2012 Costume Selections

The BEST thing I did PRE-Halloween was put the kids' costumes on them and get "camera happy", PRE trick or treating! Little did I know the day I took these photos, that a storm would be passing through much of the North East, bringing us cold wind and rain.  BUT what I did  know, was that Halloween night would be HECTIC.  It always is.  The kids are always filled with so much anticipation and excitement and taking photos is no easy task.  

The day I snapped the photos, it was a warm, sunny day.  For the most part, my bribe to give them two pieces of candy in exchange for a photo shoot, created some pretty amazing shots!!!  Had I not taken these photos, I'd barely have anything WORTH showing you.  I will DEFINITELY be doing this again next year.  It was well worth it.  

I hope you enjoy viewing the few shots below and IF that's NOT ENOUGH (Cohen :), feel free to double click on the entire photo album too!!!  I entered a few of these photos into a Halloween costume contest.  The voting will take place soon, so I will be sure to send you the voting form.  There will be lots of voting going on this week!  The best costume AND the best candidate for future president.  GO ROMNEY!

"He's the eye of the tiger"
"And he's ready to fight"
"Da da da da da da da da da da da!"
Ty chose this costume because of his LOVE for the movies Rocky!
JAXON aka "Woody" from the Toy Story
"You've got a friend in me!"
Jax thought he was a cop!  HAHA
I found these costumes at the Disney store in Charlotte.
They were so detailed, I couldn't resist.
LILAH aka "Jesse" from Toy Story 2
Hanging out with her pals Woody and Buzz.
Hanging out, in the tree, with Buzz.
Picking Woody's nose????
Woody and Jessie's boots.  TOOOO cute.