Sunday, November 4, 2012

Football season is officially OVER.  The bulldogs fought their hardest both on and off the field.  They were able to play in 3 playoff games.  We fully expected their 3rd playoff game to be a BOMB, but the team played AMAZING and was beating the Wolverines BIG TIME.  We had expected to lose to them because they creamed us EVERY TIME!  I think the rules, plays, and hard work finally CLICKED for these boys and it was surely at a great time.  By the end of the game, with only 38 seconds left, the score was 20-18 (Bulldogs leading). Unfortunately, when the clock ran out, the Wolverines scored two points and we were TIED.  We went into over time.  Every parent and coach were on the edge of their seats... LITERALLY!  This was the MOST exciting football game I have EVER witnessed (even including any tech or NFL game :)  I have to sadly admit, we lost in overtime.  As exciting as the games are to watch, I am thankful to have my husband BACK and a normal routine with our 5-some.