Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Annual Church Football at the Fernandez's Home!

Good times!  Great people!  Gorgeous weather!  God's Glory!

Thank you Lisa & Aaron for hosting this yearly event.  The guys really love it and look forward to it.  Darren has been whining all week about how sore he is.  Zach, we hope your sprained ankle heals soon.  

Girls, I will get our NEW YEARLY FEMALE KICKBALL game going and see how many husbands show up to watch our kids. LOL!  Just teasing!!!!
"I wanted the yellow golf club!"
"I had it first!"
The converted Muslim from our church.
Haha.  Just kidding!

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  1. im totally in for kickball. set it up. im serious :) great pictures!!! look at jax tackling cohen in photo #1. and the last picture of them just shows their personality/friendship to a "T". LOVE THEM!


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