Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It's no secret... I am a control freak about so much in my life; INCLUDING what my children wear as well as their cute little book bags/lunch boxes that they get every year. This year, my kids really lucked out. I couldn't find ANYTHING at Pottery Barn, Garnet Hill or the typical places I shop at that satisfied me. Rather than making my life miserable, searching for the PEFECT BAG, I just decided to let my twins do exactly what many FUN mommies let their children do... pick out those TACKY character themed book bags. Lilah and Jax were SUPER excited to be able to pick out what they wanted and... well.... I got over the fact that what they picked out was DEFINITELY NOT what I would have chosen! One plus, I do love that their book bags are on wheels.

The weather has been awful lately. Rain, rain go away! Anyway, I had to take pics of these tacky bags indoors because of the rain.

I have a feeling I am going to be sick of Spiderman reallllllly soon!

We made sure to get all the tacky accessories for each lunch box too!
Why not really OVER due the theme with matching gummies? LOL!
If I do for ONE kid, I have to do for the other. This cute lunch box "surprise" is a repeat of what I did for Ty's first day of school.