Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ty's FIRST Day of Second Grade.

I completely failed to update the blog about Tyson's FIRST day of second grade. I wasn't able to get a ton out of him, but here are is high and his low of the day.

HIS HIGH: Making a paper airplane.

HIS LOW: Loosing his daddy's Virginia Tech water bottle on the bus.

He also informed me who he sat on the bus with, who he ate lunch with, what he did at recess and some of the classroom rules and incentives.

MY LOW of the day was finding out that he is in the same class with a little boy name TRISTAN. We have been fortunate enough to dodge him for kindergarten and first grade, but this year Ty ended up in the same class as him. BOOOOOO! Tristan is allergic to peanuts. So, Tyson is unable to eat peanut items or peanut butter in the classroom. He is, however, allowed to eat it in the cafeteria.

PS. We did find the water bottle exactly one week after he lost it.