Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Prep Work Before & On The First Day Of School...

We've been so busy preparing to go"back-to-school". Shoe shopping, haircuts, "shaving", blow drying, and lip gloss!!!! These twins don't mess around. They wanted to look good for their first day of preschool. LOL!

This was the first time I set out to buy JUST JAX something and I must say... I can't wait to do it again. Jax is the most appreciative child I have. PROBABLY because he NEVER gets anything but hand me downs. Jax chose the tennis shoes in the background (black, blue, and yellow). Every store we went in after this purchase, he made sure to show EVERY cashier his new shoes.
This is Lilah's 3rd haircut since she's been alive.

I thought this was so hysterical. Jax must really watch his daddy intently. He LOVED shaving.
"It's not a microphone Liley!" ~ HA HA ~ Lilah blows her hair dry for a few minutes while I dry off Jax.
And we MUST not forget a little lipgloss.