Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Today, September 5, 2012, was Lilah and Jaxon's FIRST day of their 2nd year of Preschool! They woke up perky and very excited to get the day going. I surprised them, in the early a.m., with a few "back-to-school" presents. Lilah was most excited about her lipgloss. Jax was most excited about his batman car. His first reaction was, "I can't wait to show my buddy Cohen this new car."

Above: So girly; Below: Oh so BOY-ish!
(I bought this special necklace for Lilah. I am wearing one half and she is wearing the other. When I was laying it out last night, I was a little sad... Originally, I had one in my hand where one half said "Mom" and the other half said "Daughter". I guess I accidentally put the wrong necklace back. She still loves it though.)

I have been used to getting out of the house by 8:50 am, all summer long, but for some reason this morning was very stressful. I was a sweaty mess, trying to get everything accomplished, before our needed departure time (lunches, breakfast, baths, get dressed, hair, pictures, load car). It's a good thing I ironed last night.

I have to admit, I was really surprised how enthusiastic they were. I thought they would miss staying home with me. Just incase they did get sad throughout their day, we all wrote "I love you!" on our hands as a reminder of our love for each other, IF AND WHEN, the sadness takes place. :)
On the way to school, Lilah exclaimed in the sweetest, little voice, "This is going to be such an exciting day!" I dropped them off at 9:00 a.m. and they didn't look back. They are getting so big.

Notice the sweet necklaces around Lilah and I's necks? I'm not too proud to wear a necklace from Claire's. :)
I thought about running errands, getting a mani/pedi, food shopping, organizing, and cleaning, but then I said, "NO WAY! It's a gross, rainy, humid day. I'm going to spend the FIRST day in my home, in silence, relaxing." I took of my "dress up clothes", put on a pair of my hubby's boxers, and got into my unmade bed to relax and blog. LOL! Now of course... all of this relaxing is NOT happening without my house FIRST being put back together after a stressful morning. I hope Darren doesn't hold this one over my head. This is NOT going to be the normal way I spend my preschool days.


  1. i just got teary reading this and looking at their pictures. they are so big. why are our kids growing so fast :(:(:( they are so adorable and we need to praise Him everyday for our sweet gifts. I love the i love you written on the hands. that is beautiful and i think thats when i started getting teary. im a loser. hope you enjoyed a relaxing day! you deserve it :):):) i love you! xo

  2. The pictures turned out great. I think the expression on Lilah's face says it all!

  3. I echo Ashely's response to the writing on their hands...that was such a good idea, so simple yet big impact probably. You are such a loving mom and your kids know it!

    1. Thank you! That is very sweet of you to uplift and encourage me.


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