Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If You Give A Pig A Party!

I am in LOVE with the book, "If you give pig a party!" by Laura Numeroff.

The premise of the story goes as follows: If you give a pig a party, she's going to ask for some balloons. When you give her the balloons, she'll want to decorate the house. When she's finished, she'll put on her favorite dress. Then she'll call all her friends -- Mouse, Moose, and more. One thing leads to another when you give a pig a party.

I wanted to do some type of activity with the kids before nap. I used this book and incorporated it as a guideline into our pre-nap fun. I didn't put a ton of planning into this, so it wasn't as exciting to ME as it could have been, but L&J LOVED every minute of it.

First, we read the story from start to finish.

Second, we got decked out in party hats and used party blowers. They thought this was hysterical.

Third, we had a pillow fight. L&J were sitting on their pillow pets. We were pretending to be at story time :) They had no idea we were going to eventually use those pillows to have a pillow fight of our own, just like in the story. When it came time for the pillow fight, the belly laughs transpired. I didn't realize how much fun a pillow fight really is. L&J would raise the pillow as high as they could and with all of their might they would slam the pillow down on me or each other.

This pillow fight was priceless to watch.
Check out her hair in the above photo. LOL!
Fourth, we sang "Happy Birthday" to the pig and blew out real candles. This was super exciting to the twins because they love blowing out candles. They were a tad hesitant to hold the candle because I have made them fear fire, but they eventually held it. It was fun the first few times they blew it out, but then the hot wax dripped onto Lilah and burnt her. Whoooooooooops! I told you it was poor planning. Haha.

Finally, we made our own piggies. Lilah and Jax got to decorate their own balloon piggy. They even slept with them at nap time.
I did a pink piggie. I used this as an example for Lilah and Jax to mimic. Isn't my piggie cute?!?!?
The back of my piggie. Hehe. The pigtail!

Jax decorated an orange balloon. It was supposed to look like a piggie.

Lilah decorated a black "piggie" but it popped. So, we did a red one instead.

You could also sing "This Little Piggie", bake a cake, play hide-and-go-seek (as played in the story line), and/or play some form of memory with party pictures. I am sure some of you who prefer to turn this into a "teaching lesson" could incorporate some type of counting lesson. I just wanted to have fun.

Since then our piggies have popped. It was fun while it lasted. My only fear is that every time I read this story, they will want to "HAVE A PARTY". LOL! If you like this idea and don't desire to buy the book, feel free to borrow ours or see if your local library has it in stock. This author has similar books titled,

"If you give a mouse a cookie."
"If you give a pig a pancake."
"If you give a dog a donut."
"If you give a moose a muffin."

I bet you could have a ton of fun with all of these books. I have yet to read the others. My kids will, for sure, be getting the above books as Christmas presents this year.