Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finding Memo 3-D

As scheduled, we went to the 3-D Finding Nemo, last weekend.  We brought along Tyson's friend, Jake.  Tyson had been to a 3-D movie before, with his grandparents, but the rest of us hadn't.  It was definitely exciting to wear the glasses the entire time and see the movie characters with more dimension. We were blessed with free tickets, which saved us well over $60.00.  
Check out Darren in the above photo.  HA HA.
He's pretending to be the mean shark.
I love the glasses!!!!
The kids sat through the entire movie.  It's such a sweet movie.  I tried discussing the movie with the twins the next day. I wanted to see if they were really paying attention.  They grasped the entire plot. I loved that I could turn the premise of the movie into a lesson on obedience.  Had Nemo obeyed his daddy, he wouldn't have been captured by the scuba diver.  

A special thanks to Rob for his willingness to let us in the movies for free!!!