Sunday, September 30, 2012

A "Road Trip" Care Package/Gift

My dear friend Erin and her husband had a trip to Busch Gardens planned this past weekend. They haven't been away from their children since they've been born (age 4 and age 2). I was really excited for them. I knew I wanted to do something special for Erin, but I didn't know what. Recently, Erin has made a huge goal for herself.  She has been very successful with her weight loss goals and I didn't want a "road trip" to set her success backwards. So, I decided to pack her a cooler of healthy goodies for the car ride and the day at the amusement park. The ideas were ENDLESS. Of course, I didn't stop there. I get on a roll and tend to go over board.  The healthy food care package then lead to car games and hotel toiletries.  

I left all of the goodies on her doorstep the day before she left. I was concerned that she didn't have time to plan anything special for her and her hubby because she was preoccupied with preparing her children's over night bags.  

Erin and Nathan contacted me, via text, on their trip to express their gratitude and to share a bet they had about the cucumbers I packed for them. I cut them in a fancy way.  LOL! Nathan bet Erin that I cut them that way. I guess Erin didn't think I knew how to do that. Nathan was right!!!

It's a great feeling to bless someone you love!  

Erin and Nathan have since returned home and their trip sounded like so much fun!!!!!

Enjoy the photos and ideas!  Double click on the photo album to see the photos more up close.


  1. This is why I love you!! Among other things!! haha :) GREAT idea!!!

  2. aw i am sure they loved this!!! how sweet :)

  3. This was such a complete surprise to find sitting on my doorstep and such a blessing to our trip! You really thought of everything and are beyond generous and loving! I love you not for these types of gifts themselves, but your heart behind the giving. You may have done too good a job of providing everything... one essential I failed to pack for myself: underwear! Guess I thought you did that too, lol! Good thing it was only 1 night and a quick handwashing in the sink and drying with the hairdryer freshened up that pair enough till we got home!!

    1. Um, this is not a lie... sad thing is... I was in Wal-mart and went down the panty aisle, sorry, I know it should have been VictoriA Secret, but I wasn't at VS when the idea came to mind. I wasn't sure of your size and didn't want to offend you if I went too big or too small. I also didn't know if Nathan would like ME buying you undies. UGH....... I should have went with my gut. You're story is tooooo funny.

  4. Cute!! That would be such an awesome thing find outside your house!


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