Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Video Created From Boredom.

We are almost on day 6 of no power. Boredom has crept in because we have a LIMITED amount of our personal belongings at my in-laws home. Being we never leave home without our camera or video camera, we were able to kill a little bit of the boredom by making a homemade video. Being my blog is set to private, I know those of you who know us, will crack up at the awful acting. Side note, there is a real temper tantrum taking place in this video hence the reason we chose "domestic violence" as the premise.


  1. FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness. So so so funny. I loved your part the most Kristin. And your sister could TOTALLY be an actor! haha!

  2. HAHA. You are so funny! Whitney should be an actress!! And Darren... should do infomercials. hahaha. love your family :):):):)


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