Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saying Goodbye To Baseball Season

This baseball season was a HUGE success. Darren (along with Pastor Nick and Jeremie Shelor) did a remarkable job coaching these children. So well, that the season ended with"STORM" being undefeated. Yes, I am bias, but the God's honest truth was that our team was "that" team that NO ONE wanted to play. I vividly recall, the second game of the year, the other team's coach walked off the field because he expected Darren and the assistant coaches to make their players NOT give 100%. The other coach thought the boys' baseball talent was unfair.

We had the team's banquet at our club house/pool last week. Darren gave a speech about each player's strengths as he passed out their trophy, which read, "Coach Pitch Champs 10-0".Afterwards, the boys' ate cupcakes and took a swim in the pool.
I have enjoyed this season of baseball, but I think football is a little more exciting to watch. Football starts on August 6th. It's bitter-sweet. I know it's good for Tyson. It gets his energy out, it teaches him teamwork, and give him the camaraderie with his friends that he longs for daily, but it also means that Darren (coaching again) and Ty (as well as myself and the twins) will be on the football field 4 nights a week. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What will happen when Jax starts to play too? Bye-bye routine/structure. :(
I set up a few decorations in the clubhouse to make it feel a little more like a celebration. I reused a few items from Ty's sports themed party. The trophy table was covered in faux grass and had the referee fabric behind it, displaying the team's uniform.
I loved the teams logo this year. STORM! The cupcakes surrounded the team's hat.

These were homemade cupcakes. Destiny was watching the kids the day I had to make these, so she was kind enough to get started on the cupcake itself. She also cut out little fondant circles so I could come home a put the detail on them (replicating a baseball). I had limited time to finish these up, so it was nothing fancy, but the boys enjoyed them.