Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Visit To The Roanoke Star

Before Aunt Whitney left to go home, we asked her what kind of things she had hopes of doing, while in Roanoke, that she hadn't gotten to accomplish yet. Her answer, "Well, we always seem to take a trip to the Star and we haven't done that yet!" It has been years since we traveled up to the Star with Aunt Whitney, at least 3. SO, we fulfilled her request. It was a scorching HOT day, but we packed a lunch, toured the view, took a little hike or two, and enjoyed the fresh breeze as we drove back down the mountain with our van windows all the way down. Aunt Whitney's request was simple, yet fun, not to mention a tradition. Other than the extreme temperatures, my only complaint is that I didn't take ONE picture of Whitney. She LOVES snapping photos, so she had my camera the entire time. These photos are compliments of Whitney.
We packed a lunch and ate it on the TOP of the mountain :)

The boys found some BIG BOULDERS to climb on.

"Boys, you better get down from there."
I like to describe her as "Sweet-n-Salty" or "Sweet-n-Sassy"
On a walk/hike down some trail near the Roanoke Star.
Lilah thinks Jake is her boyfriend. YIKES.
She doesn't leave this poor kid alone.

Tyson's friend Jake loves being a "big brother" when he's with our family.

A beautiful detail captured on our hike.
The view from the Roanoke Star.
Lilah enjoys being high up on the Star City's slide.
We found our state bird... the red cardinal.

Lilah was wiped out from the heat. She fell asleep within two minutes of getting into the van.