Monday, July 2, 2012

Roller Skating with Gram and Aunt Whitney!

Gram and Aunt Whitney drove all the way from Florida to spend some time with us. I did my best to fill our days with some fun things, for all age groups, to get us out of the house. I think everyone was appreciative of it. Of course, this was BEFORE the electricity went out, so I'm wondering if our company is bored and desires to go back home.

Enjoy the photos of our time spent at the Skate Center. The video clips are more entertaining!!!!
Gram and Aunt Whitney partake in a sock race. Both "girls" are very competitive as you can see. As they ran around the skate rink, in their socks, they were pushing each other, so it would put them ahead in the race.
Tyson, Lilah, and Jax partake in a sock race. So cute...
Tyson aka Monkey has fun on the playzone swing.
"Jax and gang" roller skate. I was so proud of Jax for making it all the way around the roller skating rink on his own. Tyson has been practicing his roller skating with his roller blades that he received at Christmas.