Monday, July 2, 2012

Just like the good'ol days!

Life is a little difficult to grasp sometimes. You spend your entire childhood with your parents and then you grow up and move on. In my case, I really had to "move on" because both of my parents and ALL of my siblings (minus one) live in a different state. The older I get, it just seems like it's impossible to make our schedules mesh to visit each other. However, nothing can remove the memories that we once made AND one good thing about your family being far away is that you cherish the times you are together as best as you can. I told my sister, Whitney, after my mom left on Sunday, that goodbyes, for me, are very difficult. I'm certain they are for most people, but every single time I have to say goodbye, to my mom or sister, I get deeply burdened with pain, not knowing when the next time we will get to see each other. I hadn't seen my mom or sister in almost 2 1/2 years. That's almost the entire length of Lilah and Jax's life.

Sorry for the tangent...

The title, "just like the good'ol days" simply describes the pictures below. Prior to having children, usually only 5-6 months would pass before we would all reunite... the Bollings (Darren's parents) included. We made certain to try and stick to continuing on with the tradition since my mom was in town. So before Grandad and Grandnee left for the Myrtle Beach, we were able to sneak in a dinner at El Rodeo. Then the kids and some of the grown-ups enjoyed a yogurt at the "Yogurt Cafe".

It truly was just like the good'ol days. The "old folk" yapped and yapped and yapped and we "kids" laughed at our parents yapping. LOL!!!!!!
Even though our family is far away, and time spent together is limited, we always pick up right were we left off the last time + 3 new additions (Tyson, Lilah, and Jax).
My girl has a HUGE sweet tooth.

MY beautiful sister.

"So happpppppppppppy together!"

Side note: God is such a gracious God. He has sovereignly placed an amazing Church family in our lives to fill the gaps of far away family. :) We are so thankful!!!!!!!