Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vacation Bible School - Day 5 - Water Night

VBS week was a huge success. I know God was glorified in all that our Church body did to teach our children and the kids in our community the gospel. It's amazing how receptive the children are and how well they absorb the information.

Thanks to Kaitlyn, I have some photos captured of water night. Unfortunately, I couldn't enjoy the special water night because Lilah had to go to urgent care. I did get to enjoy the final VBS mascot challenge. Wait to you see the footage (I'll upload it soon), it's hysterical.

One of our church members is the chief, I think, of the fire department or EMS team. He is always so kind to bring the fire truck and use the hose to enjoy some sprinkler fun.
"The Golden Boy" gets ready to go into the dunk tank.
Up he goes.
Just like my man.... always smiling.
Tyson was the first one to try and get him into the water.
Then Jax.

It was bound to happen... he got WET!

"Blaze"'s turn.
And Ezekiel took a turn too!!!
Ms. Jill gave Ty the Ezekiel wig to keep. He was thrilled. He even tried to wear it to church on Sunday, per the suggestion of Ms. Jill.