Sunday, May 13, 2012

Precious Presley Arrives!!!!

My dear friend Ashely went into labor unexpectedly on May 6th, and by May 7th gave birth to a baby girl. She is probably the most precious baby I have ever laid eyes on. Completely flawless and very girly. God has made their family complete now!!! Welcome little one!! We love you Harris family!
Ashely looked completely normal. No exhaustion written all over her face and she was even showered and up cleaning her hospital room. Crazy girl!!!
Presley sports all of "BOW-tiful Stuff's" hair accessories from Aunt Kristin.
I was able to meet Presley the day after she was born. I brought mommy her favorite... diet coke and bubble cake. AND of course, I was sure to add MORE to Presley's BOW-tiful Stuff collection. I will admit, holding Presley made me regret getting my tubes tied.... but only for a moment :) I look forward to taking her off of Ashely's hands when she needs a break!!

That same night, the "Sensational 6" met for dinner and then we drove to the hospital so we could spend some time with Ashely and Presley as a group.