Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday To You....

"Happy Birthday to You.
Happy Birthday to TYSON,
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!"
Tomorrow when you wake up, you will have this display of gifts waiting for you, on the kitchen table!

And mommy prepared the "birthday boy's" book bag too! LOL! I hope you let me keep the pin on there.

You are OFFICIALLY 7 years old. Wow, has time flown by.
It seems like just yesterday when you were born and placed in mommy and daddy's arms.
You made being a mommy look easy! You were such a happy infant/baby.
For you our precious son
We send a birthday prayer
That you may know God’s love
With the unfolding of each year
And that you’ll come to know
God’s purpose and His plan
As you walk with God through life
Together hand in hand.
Two of my favorite photos captured in your first year of life!

You were such a beautiful baby!
I love you honey and I pray your day is filled with many blessings from Him who gave you life.