Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Life Size HUG!

Before sending my mom her Mother's Day package, I decided to have Lilah and Jax (Tyson was at school) create a life size hug for her. I'm pretty sure the last time my mom saw the twins was when they were 16 months old. So we decided, if we can't give her a real hug, we will send her a hug. I kinda got the idea from the book called, "The Giant Hug" by Sandra Horning. It's a very cute book. If you've never read it to your child, rent it at the local library, I know he/she will love it.

Above all the gifts we sent to "Gram", she said, "The best gift was the giant hug." So sweet!!! We hope for her to visit soon so the hugs don't have to be sent through the mail :(

Here are the step by step directions...
Trace the your child's body onto paper.

When you are done tracing your paper is ready to be decorated.
Allow each child to color their own person just the way they see themselves.
"Lilah" - - Sporting two pink bracelets and big hair!
"Jax" - - - Love his spikey do and his tongue sticking out.
Fold the cut out of the body up and ship off through the mail! As your recipient slowly opens the arms up, they will realize that they just received a big hug. Don't laugh at our outcome. We are NOT a family of artists.