Sunday, April 15, 2012

We're Baaaaaack!!!!

During Tyson's Spring break, our family took a trip to our beach condo. It was the first beach trip of 2012, but luckily it won't be our last. This beach visit was so different. The kids are finally at an age where things are getting easier. No bottles, no diaper bags, no swims diapers.... ah.... I can breath again :) Haha. It was a true blessing to be together and enjoy each other's presence. What I enjoyed more than anything was the ability to shut off my brain from always being in "task mode" and cherish my children's messes, laughter, and little voices. I just said to Darren earlier tonight, "Tomorrow is such a sad day!" He said, "Why?" I said, "Because I just really enjoyed our time as a family. It was the most enjoyable trip we've had together since the birth of the twins." He replied saying, "I agree. I really savored every minute with the kids." I assume I am included in that mix too! LOL! After viewing these pictures myself, I realize now how much we really got to do. The weather was perfect. No RAIN! Warm and breezy during the day, cool at night (jackets a must at night). I hope those of you who had a SPRING break, were able to find a special way to enjoy your family as well. Enjoy the photos. There are some cute ones.