Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bathtub Art

YES, I have officially lost my mind! You'll see from the pictures below. I.... actually prepared 3 paper plates, FILLED with paint, for each child and allowed them to paint my bathtub with PAINT BRUSHES. Tyson stayed home from school today due to a fever and I used this activity to help pass the time at home and to create some "school art work" fun. Here's how it works...
Find a LARGE and CLEAN bathtub.
Provide your child with paint and paint brushes.
Allow your children to paint, paint, paint!!!!!
Of course provided rules and regulations.
Give each child their own designated area to paint on.
Take LOADS of pictures!!!!
I almost let them go naked, but the I figured I wouldn't have been able to post these pictures due to Tyson's age. He was already inquiring as to whether or NOT I was showing these pictures to someone. 
Boy, Jax is great at writing his name!!!
Be sure to have, on stock, some Mr. Clean bathroom cleaner.
And walaaaa!!!!! Clean as a whistle.

DISCLOSURE: BE SURE THE PAINT IS WASHABLE PAINT!!!! I am NOT responsible for damage to your bathroom if you try this :)