Saturday, April 28, 2012


I love posts that have no purpose or meaning!  Over the last week, I snapped photos of things that make me laugh and smile, sweet memories, or that are just simply random.
I was trying to capture a shot of Lilah's personalized bracelet.
Then the pranksters stepped in and ruined it!
Oh my gosh!  Like father, like son!
The comedy never ended.  This is a funny duo!!!
Not sure what's funnier, this new facial expression made often, by jax, or the bandaid on the chin - per his request of course! 
Loving Ty's new baseball uniform.... "Go Storm!"
Barbie and Ken reside in our shower.  
Bitty Twins' Shoes!
Lilah and Jaxon's feet could have fit into these shoes when they were first born. 
God's beautiful creation right at our disposal.  
This photo was taken from Lilah's bedroom window. 
The boys play with the latest and greatest invention - THE IPAD!