Thursday, April 26, 2012

Crisafi Girls Come To Visit!

The weekend of Lilah and Jaxon's 3rd birthday, the Crisafi girls came to visit.  I totally forgot to post the photos.  :(  I have a few events I failed to post.  I'll get to it... I know you are hanging on tight waiting, aren't you?  LOL!  Don't tell me "no" if you're not.  That's rude!!

During their visit, the kids had a fantastic time playing together. Salene is the prettiest boy you'll ever meet.  She should have been a boy.  Check her out!!!  

I could of sworn I took more photos during their visit (a game of kickball etc.).  If I have them on a different memory stick, you know I'll eventually post them!

It's now our turn to visit the Crisafis.  We plan to go the weekend of May 4th.  The twins and I will spend an entire weekend there, without daddy and Tyson ;( because they have baseball.  Cee Cee has a ton of plans already in place.  

Goofball face that is constantly resurfacing.
3 Stooges. 
Salene enjoyed these roller skates so much!
The whole clan did actually.  Ty has rollerblades though.
Princess and "cars" gear. 
"Run Forest Run!"