Monday, March 12, 2012


ON March 20th, I am heading to get my tubes tied by a procedure called Essure Tubal Ligation. This procedure is different from the laparoscopic surgery where the tubes are literally sealed. Here is how this procedure is done:

How is this procedure done: The Essure procedure is a sterilization process that is performed by an Essure trained doctor. Unlike a tubal ligation, there are NO incisions. Instead, microinserts are passed through the body's natural pathways and placed into the fallopian tubes. My body and the microinserts will work together over the next three months to form a tissue barrier that prevents sperm from meeting the egg.

Effectiveness: 99.95 at 1 year and 99.8% at 4 years.

Where will this take place: In my OBGYN's office.

Recovery Time: I've been told... less than ONE day vs. 4-6 day recovery time for a tubal ligation.

Post Pain: Cramps.

Confirmation: Yes. Essure is the ONLY method of birth control for women that has a confirmation test 3 months after the procedure to confirm both placement of the inserts and that the fallopian tubes are completely blocked.

Am I sad? No, not at ALL! God has blessed me with (3) beautiful children and two very healthy and routined pregnancies/deliveries. I am a woman that is NOT afraid to state that I know my limits and I am content with going forward with Essure! I love my life as it is and I look forward to the next stage in my marriage and in my life with my 3 miracles.

I welcome your prayers!!!!


  1. thank you for the picture demonstration :) i hope recovery is not long, but if it is... i will gladly take all Bolling children. i love them like my own :)

    1. Thanks Ashely! You are so sweet! My children love you too.

  2. I had this done last year prior to making the decision to have a hysterectomy. The recovery really was a breeze, slight cramping the next day but that's really it. The worst part for me was all of the drugs they give to make this an in-office procedure. I was so doped up for the rest of the day, I could barely make it to the bathroom by myself. It took me two hours in the drs office to be able to stand long enough to put on my clothes. Just be prepared to be very out of it after the procedure. Good luck! I hope it goes well.


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