Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting Ready For A Party!!!!

OUR PARTY!!!!!!!

It's insanely hard to believe, but the twins are turning 3 in less than 2 weeks. We are doing some small things to prepare for the BIG day!

First up... We visited Toys R Us to see what the twins were interested in. We allowed them to walk the store and check things out. Lilah is, of course, A GIRL, and very interested in ANYTHING girly - - DOLLS, PRINCESS STUFF, and more... Jax... Well, let's just say he is a TRUE boy. He rode three different bikes while shopping, bounced three different balls throughout the store, and played with their Thomas Train table.
Jeffrey the giraffe announced their birthday in the store and gave them a balloon and a birthday crown. Daddy treated them to a push up popsicle too!

Today, we headed over to "Great Clips" and got the birthday boy and girl a haircut. This was only LILAH's second haircut since she's been alive. They both sat there almost as if they were truly enjoying it. They left there looking insanely adorable. With a fresh haircut and their birthday outfits on order, they will be looking so cute at their party!!!! I told Lilah this morning, I may even treat her to another mani/pedi for her special day! After all, every girl wants to look like a princess at her party!